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Hot Air Balloon

The RE/MAX hot air balloon is one of the most recognised corporate logos in the world. In Australia, RE/MAX balloons are often seen floating over early morning traffic, above the streets and suburbs of metropolitan areas in Queensland and Victoria.

The hot air balloon became RE/MAX International's company logo after RE/MAX participated in a hot air balloon festival in New Mexico in 1978. It was intended to be a publicity stunt but was so successful that RE/MAX executives decided to adopt it as the company logo. The RE/MAX balloon symbolises the company's independence, freedom, innovation and enjoyment - all of which are important features of the RE/MAX system and culture.

RE/MAX International has the largest balloon fleet in the world with more than 114 balloons regularly drifting across skylines worldwide. In 1998, RE/MAX International Chairman Dave Liniger and two crewmembers made headlines by attempting the world's first stratospheric helium balloon expedition from right here in Alice Springs in the Northern Territory.

In Australia, RE/MAX has balloons based in Melbourne and the Gold Coast. They are used at events, in promotions and in general advertising. Members of the public are able to hire our balloons for joy flights via their local operators.

Gold Coast
Balloon Down Under
3070 Surfers Paradise Boulevarde
Surfers Paradise
Tel: (07) 5500 4797

Balloon Flights Over Melbourne
10 Bond Street
Abbotsford 3067
Ph: +61 3 9427 0088
Fax: +61 3 9429 6226